About Me

I am Jenn Osorio, and I am currently in the Communication with Professional Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University, were I will hopefully graduate in two years.  I am an aspiring writer and I dream to become one of the best screenwriters in the world.

I was born in Itagui, Colombia and came to Boston in 2001, since then I have been learning English and I have been working on my English grammar as well, is a work in process, and since I believe a person can never learn enough, I believe my learning will continue no matter where I am or what professional path I decide to take.

This blog is part of my Social Media class, and it has honestly been fun, and an interesting project, since I had been planning creating my own blog since 2012 and so far I have written nothing. This is the first time I actually write something, and yes I may have many grammatical mistakes, or run on sentences, or punctuation issues, but I have learned that I can get better and can solve all those issues, just by writing.


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